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Tips To Get The Highest Used Gold Valuation Per Gram Today.

If for any reason you don’t want to or can’t move, the only advice I can give you is to read my article on how to choose the gold shop where to sell used gold in your city.

But if you can move around and are willing to travel miles to get the most out of the sale of your metal, then I suggest you add those suggestions as well as the ones I’m about to write:

Quantify the metal to sell.

The first aspect to consider is purely mathematical: how much gold do you have to sell?
If you have a few tens of grams, it doesn’t make much sense to look for a gold shop hundreds of kilometers away.
To take Mattia’s example again, if you have 20 grams of gold, even if you pay 9€ more per gram, the 180€ earnings would barely be enough to cover the expenses of a possible trip.

Increase your search radius.

Do not fossilize only on the gold shops of your city but broaden the range of the search. The extent depends primarily on the amount of gold to be sold but also on the place where you reside. You have to weigh both things and then choose. I explain the concept better.
You must know that the highest prices are found in Rome, then in Milan and gradually in the other smaller cities. I don’t mind the gold buyers from other cities, but this is the truth. Competition in the capital is very fierce and gold purchase prices are on average higher than in the rest of Italy. However, this does not mean that you necessarily have to go there to sell.
Rome is the place to find the highest gold valuations.
For example, if you live in a small town in Lombardy and have 80 grams of gold, it may be sufficient to go to Milan without necessarily going as far as Rome.
In fact, despite the higher rating, the time spent and the travel expenses that you would have to incur would almost certainly make you lose all your earnings. The matter would be different if instead of 80, the grams of gold were 250-300 for example. In that case, it would certainly make sense to ask some gold buyers for information in Rome and do the math well.

The cross-evaluation.

Once the scope of the search has been established, choose the best gold buyers and get a nice telephone evaluation, to do so use my article on ” how to choose the gold buy ” as a guide.

Always consider the expenses you have to incur to go to the chosen place: if you choose the train consider the return ticket. Petrol and toll booth if you prefer the car. The plane or the ship if you live on an island etc. Also, include the time it takes to get to and from your expenses. Can you take a day off, or do you just have a couple of hours off? Do you have to close your business to move?

What is the maximum rating I can get?

The evaluation of the gold used depends on many factors, such as the quantity of metal you want to sell, the presence or absence of precious stones, or important manufacturers. Without forgetting that the stock market price of the metal varies continuously.

It is therefore impossible to give you a finite price, a numerical value. But what I can do is give you an indication of the spread that a trader applies. The spread is the difference between the market value of the metal and the withholding that the trader applies to make the right profit from the purchase of the metal.

Knowing the value of the spread is enough to see the metal stock price at any time, to calculate the final price that you can get from the sale of gold.

Gold: Where To Sell It? Useful Tips For Selling

If you have a little gold available, even just a few jewels that belonged to relatives, thinking of selling it is one of the many possibilities available.

Thanks to the presence of more and more shops and metal banks specializing in the purchase of gold, selling your products is quick and easy. However, we must try to pay attention to some precautions to avoid scams in the context of the sale of gold.

The first thing to do before selling gold is to find out about market prices. Keep in mind that they refer to the hypothesis of 24-carat gold (pure gold) while that of jewelry is 18 carat and therefore it is worth about 35% less, without counting the precious stones that may be included and which would have to be evaluated separately.

Where to sell the gold? Advice for sale

If you are wondering where to sell gold, the answer is: from the jeweler who sold the products, at the metal counter or in one of the shops set up for the purchase of used gold.

If you have a particularly important or expensive jewel and you know the jeweler sold it to you, you can try to propose the purchase again: he might be interested.

Alternatively, in Italy today dozens and dozens of gold buyers can satisfy your needs… but be careful.

Don’t stop at the first gold shop on your doorstep; try to take a tour of the various activities in the area and bookmark their offerings.

Don’t be told only by the price per gram, you must know what is the net (that is to say what you are entitled to without counting any taxes) of the total products.

Everyone is looking for a place to sell gold at the best price. But know that if the price for used gold is 20 euros, no one will buy it for 30 euros per gram. Advertising that says otherwise is certainly misleading; it probably refers to the cost per gram of pure gold with particular characteristics. Do not be under any illusions: the prices are the same, and it is useless to travel hours to reach a gold shop that promises prices absolutely out of the market. Try to go to the metal counters, where you can sell your jewels and your gold in complete transparency.

Pay attention to transparency

When you go to a gold buyer, don’t assume they are a professional. Of course, most traders are absolutely honest people who don’t want to cheat. However, some are dishonest and could buy gold at a price below its value.

When you go to someone who buys used gold, the procedure is quite simple: you should be asked for an identity document, then you use an ad hoc cleaner to evaluate if the gold is pure, weigh it and consequently estimate the value per gram, multiplying it by the weight.

You leave home after weighing the gold. It is not necessary to have an extremely precise scale, it is sufficient that you have an idea of ​​the weight of the gold so that you can eventually notice important discrepancies in the shop, at the time of weighing.

Secondly, be sure of how the weighing of gold happens: you need to be able to keep an eye on the whole procedure and it is a good idea for the buyer to show you the numbers on the scale as well. These small tricks will allow you to go to those who buy gold in a calm and aware way of the value of the objects you carry with you. Remember that an honest gold buyer always asks for the identity document of the buyer when he intends to sell.

In addition, the meter is recorded in the purchase register which must be present for any police checks. The document in question contains the description of the object, the weight, and the details of the identity document.

You can also have a receipt issued, remember never to accept cash payments beyond the limit established by law.

In summary: how to choose who buys gold in maximum security? By going to a metal bank you can rest assured and sell your jewels without problems and worries.…

How Do Gold Investment Funds Work?

Gold investment funds differ from traditional funds in that they focus all their efforts on investing in this metal or in companies related to it, such as the mining companies that are responsible for its extraction and processing. Leaving aside this aspect, we are faced with a common investment fund.

Is it profitable to invest in a gold investment fund?

Gold investment funds have experienced impressive growth in recent years. The economic forecasts caused by the trade war and, more recently, by COVID-19, have caused investments in this refuge asset to skyrocket, generating very attractive returns.

However, to benefit from this profitability, you must have extensive knowledge of the market, since we must control very well when to start investing and the best time to redeem our shares. Without this knowledge, the profitability will not be as high as expected, since, in the long term, the profitability is quite sustained.

If you know the investment and the sector, investing in short-term investment funds in gold can be very profitable. In the long term, profitability is not as high as it seems.

How much money do I need to invest in a gold investment fund?

Although each investment fund and each entity establish a minimum initial investment, to participate in one of these investment funds in gold, you will need to have a little savings. For example, to be able to participate in the DWS fund that we mentioned at the beginning of this post, you will need an initial investment of €28,000, neither more nor less.

In addition, you must bear in mind that it is advisable to make additional contributions to obtain the best results from the investment. So you will need a little more than the value of the initial investment to be able to embark on this investment option.

Gold investment funds: advantages and disadvantages

Although investment funds in gold seem like a great option to invest our savings, we must take into account their advantages and disadvantages to know if it is the option that best suits us at the moment or if, on the contrary, another investment option or savings would be better for us.

The main advantages that we can find in this investment product are:

  • Currently, this type of fund offers a very high return
  • Having an investment portfolio that includes investments in gold helps to alleviate the effects of inflation and low returns on other assets

On the other hand, the disadvantages of this type of fund are the following:

  • Very high level of risk, even if you have knowledge
  • In the long term, the profitability of these investment funds is not so high. Only if we know how to take advantage of fluctuations will we achieve the best returns.

Are you looking for profitability in mutual funds? We have a financial advisor ready to help you.

Online course on investing in ETFs

Are you considering the possibility of investing your savings, but you are not sure which is the best option for you? Thanks to this course, 100% online and taught by experts, you will learn the principles of passive investment, as well as how to create an investment portfolio that suits your needs.…

Why Do We Include Gold In Our Pension Plans?

One of the assets that are offering the best profitability during 2020 is gold. So far this year, the yellow metal has produced high returns (+18.20% EUR as of 10/23/2020) that contrast with the low returns obtained by much of the stock market, especially the European one (-10 .95%).
All of our indexed pension plans offer exposure to physical gold, a differentiating element of our passive management compared to competitors, and the reason, among other things, why Morningstar rates our portfolios as the best pension plans in their categories.
Finizens pension plans offer access to physical gold through 2 prestigious indexed products such as the Amundi Physical Gold ETC C and Invesco Physical Gold ETC.
But why is gold giving such good returns during 2020? And why does it make sense to include it in a long-term portfolio? Next, we review the most relevant characteristics of this asset:
• Refuge asset: historically it is the quintessential refuge asset in situations of great uncertainty. It has proven to be especially effective in the face of pronounced crises of a financial or economic nature.
• Low correlation with traditional assets: it has a low correlation with traditional assets, even becoming negative in moments of great uncertainty or stock market instability. This means that the evolution of gold does not follow that of traditional assets (fixed and variable income) and vice versa, which improves the return-risk ratio of the portfolio.
• Hedging against inflation: metallic commodities such as gold tend to experience a price increase during inflationary periods.
• Real asset: Gold is a tangible investment that in the case of Finizensis backed by gold bars. It acts as an alternative asset to traditional financial assets, providing the portfolio with greater diversification and reduced risk.
• Finite good: there are limited reserves of this good along with a growing trend demand, especially from emerging countries.
To be able to visualize in a simple way how gold acts as a refuge asset during bearish stock markets, we show you below a graph where we compare the profitability of gold (EUR) and European equities during the 5 worst annual results of the European stock market of the last 20 years.

As we can see in the graph, gold tends to produce positive returns every time the European equity market experiences significant falls.
The long-term physical gold asset produces similar returns and risk (measured in terms of volatility) to equities, but with a low correlation; therefore, the inclusion of this asset improves the efficiency of the return-risk binomial of a company. investment portfolio.

We can appreciate how in the long term (20 years to the present), by including gold in the portfolio we produce not only an additional accumulated return of +7.94%, but also reduce the portfolio risk (volatility). by -0.54%. By producing greater profitability with less volatility thanks to the inclusion of the gold asset, the Finizens pension plan achieves a significant improvement in the risk-return ratio, increasing the Sharpe ratio by +22.22%.
That is why at Finizens we consider it essential to diversify not only in different economies but also between different asset classes, combining real assets such as gold with traditional fixed-income and variable-income financial assets. This extensive diversification improves the behavior of your portfolio in the long term and also protects your portfolio in times of big falls like those experienced during the first half of 2020.…

Three Best Gold Companies For Iras In 2022

Before delving into the top three gold organizations, let’s understand what an Individual Retirement Account (IRA) with Gold is.

A Gold IRA is a self-directed personal retirement account intended specifically for holding precious metals. Similar to a standard IRA, a gold IRA allows for pre-tax contributions and deferred accumulation of investment income. The contribution and income ceilings are identical.

Unlike a conventional IRA, which often holds paper assets such as stocks, bonds, funds, ETFs, and cash equivalents, a gold IRA is designed to hold only actual gold or other licensed metals. It would be better to keep the gold in a safe deposit; you can’t keep it alone.

The IRS has developed requirements for metals “fineness” standards to assess whether gold or silver bars or coins qualify for a gold IRA. Additionally, the IRS only allows certain gold coins, most notably the American Gold Eagle and Canadian Maple Leaf. A reputable gold IRA provider knows what is and isn’t a good fit for the best gold IRA.

Patriot Gold Organization

  • It makes our list as the best gold IRA company ever due to its significant track record of providing exceptional customer service, excellent consumer reviews, and affordable pricing.


  • Pricing direct to investors


  • You need to fill out a form on the website to get the appropriate information.
  • You need to fill out a form on the website to get the appropriate information.

The Patriot Gold Group has a long history of assisting investors in securing their financial future with gold IRAs, earning good recognition from consumer groups along the way. The family-owned business has achieved this by providing excellent customer service while keeping prices low, making it our pick for the highest gold IRAcompany overall. Patriot Gold has garnered high honors from the leading consumer rating agencies, including a AAA rating from the Business Consumer Alliance and five stars from Consumer Affairs. Patriot Gold is a dealer-direct organization.

Augusta Precious Metals

  • Their consumers enjoy affordable prices and offer complete transparency about what they are paying for. As a result, Augusta is included in the list as the most transparent IRA company on gold.


  • The transparent and low-cost tariff structure
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • Purchases at fair prices are assured.


  • Platinum and palladium are not offered.
  • No minimum investment forecast
  • No online purchases

Price is often the deciding factor when comparing IRA gold suppliers. Few companies disclose their costs, although many claims to have a low-priced pricing structure. Augusta Precious Metals’ cost structure and pricing strategy are not only simple but also totally transparent, making it the best choice for gold IRA with more transparent pricing.

Since its opening in 2012, the Augusta family business has developed a reputation for transparency and honesty. The BCA awarded it the highest rating.

Augusta partners have vaults throughout the United States for their customers’ storage needs. There are no administration fees as the account is self-directed.

Its solid consumer ratings show that Augusta’s customer service is overall exemplary. Augusta’s registration and transfer processes are straightforward, with specialists assisting clients with all documentation. However, Internet shopping is not available to customers.

Goldco precious metals

  • Goldco Precious Metals’ accounting agents go to great lengths to ensure existing and prospective clients receive all the data they need to make an informed decision. Hence, it is our choice for the golden IRA company with the most extraordinary customer service.


  • Numerous educational materials.
  • Competitive prices.
  • 10% bonus in free silver coins for new accounts.


  • A minimum investment is required.

No other gold IRA company makes such a concerted effort to provide investment information in a logical and unbiased way to gain clients’ trust. Goldco Precious Metals, founded in 2006, distinguishes itself in several ways. However, its customer service has earned it an outstanding reputation.

From account creation to the most recent transaction, Goldco clients receive “white glove care,” which means direct access to a professional who assists them at every stage. Goldco urges its users to use the website’s comprehensive training center to the fullest extent possible.

The final words

When choosing a gold IRA provider, there are various aspects to consider. When your future financial stability is at stake, the most critical factor is the reputation and honesty of the organization you entrust to handle your gold purchase.

After reviewing several companies based on their consumer ratings, using the Business Consumer Alliance, Consumer Affairs, the article gave you the top 3 top-rated organizations in each category (AAA with BCA and five-star with CA).

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